Product Code: 0310-1

Pasty, white or colored, acrylic coating with high resistance to abrasion and mechanical load. It forms a very smooth final surface. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is used as a decorative coating on stairs, floors, walls, etc. Its flexibility makes it suitable for applications that require high elasticity, such as substrates made of gypsum or cement board, in-floor heating floors, etc. It is classified as a screed material SR-B2,0-AR0,5-IR1,7 according to EN 13813.


Available Color(s)White and selected colors by ISOMAT COLOR SYSTEM
Available Size(s)15 kg
5 kg
Consumption0.8 kg/m²/mm0.8 kg/m²/mm
Coverage Metric18.8 m²/mm
6.3 m²/mm
Coverage Imperial202.3 ft²/mm
Units Per Pallet44110

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