Product Code: 0205-6

Ηigh quality acrylic emulsion paint for exterior use. It is characterized by high water-repellency, excellent surface coverage and durability in harsh weather conditions and ageing.  It is also vapor permeable allowing the building to breathe. Provides strong adhesion to any kind of old or new substrate like plaster, concrete, wood etc. It has an excellent workability and dries quickly. It gives a final surface with an excellent mat finish. Certified as a cool paint.


Available Color(s)White & selected colors from ISOMAT COLOR SYSTEM
Available Size(s)10 L
3 L0.75 L
Consumption12 m²/L12 m²/L12 m²/L
Coverage Metric120 m²36 m²9 m²
Coverage Imperial1291.2 ft²387.4 ft²96.8 ft²
Units Per Pallet44110360

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