Product Code: 0128-1

Liquid polycarboxylic-based admixture acting as concrete superplasticizer. When added during preparation of concrete, reduces water demand up to 20%. When added to the ready-mixed concrete improves significantly its workability (fluid concrete), without need of additional water. Certified with the CE marking as set retarding – high range water reducing – concrete superplasticizing admixture according to EN 934-2: T11.1 and T11.2, certificate number: 0906-CPD-02412007.


ADIUM 110 is necessary for preparing highstrength concrete, exposed concrete, pumpable concrete etc. It is suitable for any type of concrete element, such as foundations, basements, water tanks, tunnels, canals, sewage and waste water treatment tanks, swimming pools, screeds for underfloor heating systems etc.


Available Color(s)Slight Yellow
Slight YellowSlight Yellow
Available Size(s)1000 kg
220 kg20 kg
Consumption0.6 - 1.4 kg per 100 kg of cement
Coverage MetricN/A


Coverage ImperialN/AN/A N/A
Units Per Pallet1

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