Product Code: 0213-6

Acrylic water-based primer. It offers excellent bonding and high penetration. It blocks water-soluble stains on the substrate, so that they do not appear on the final color. Suitable for use on surfaces that will be coated with emulsion paints and substrates polluted with smoke, nicotine, exhaust fumes etc. It may be diluted up to 10% with clean water. In cases of intense dirt, it is preferable to use it undiluted.


Available Color(s)WhiteWhite
Available Size(s)3 L0.75 L
Consumption11 - 12 m²/L per layer
11 - 12 m²/L per layer
Coverage Metric33 - 36 m²8.3 - 9 m²
Coverage Imperial355.1 - 387.4 ft²89.3 - 96.8 ft²
Units Per Pallet110360

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