Product Code: 1402-1

Liquid cleaner for marbles and granites.It is used to clean stains of coffee, wine, oils, nicotine, ash and other stains from marbles and granites. It does not contain any acid and does not affect the sensitive surfaces. It is applied undiluted on the stained surface and is left to act until the stain is disappeared. It usually takes 24 hours until a stain is removed completely. For difficult stains repeat the same process.


Available Color(s)Transparent
Available Size(s)20 L
5 L0.75 L
Consumption15 - 20 m²/L15 - 20 m²/L15 - 20 m²/L
Coverage Metric300 - 400 m²
75 - 100 m²11.3 - 15 m²
Coverage Imperial3228 - 4304 ft²
807 - 1076 ft²121.6 - 161.4 ft²
Units Per Pallet3972324

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