Product Code: 0431/2

Two-component, solvent-free, self-leveling, polyurethane coating, well-suited for use on floors requiring high mechanical, chemical and thermal strength. Suitable for professional kitchens and refrigerators, hospitals, craft industries, etc. Can be applied in a thick layer, mixed with M32 quartz sand at a predetermined ratio, or in a thin layer without the addition of quartz sand. Certified according to ΕΝ 13813 and classified as a SR-B2,0-AR0,5-IR4 type floor coating material.


Available Color(s)

RAL 7040 (grey).

Available Size(s) 16 kg (A+B).
Consumption Flooring with quartz sand: 0.93 kg/m²/mm.
M32 quartz sand: 0.65 kg/m²/mm.
Flooring without quartz sand: 1.25 kg/m²/mm.

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