Product Code: 0433/2

Three-component, self-leveling, fast-setting floor coating, based on cement and polyurethane resins. Suitable for food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical industries, spaces exposed to aggressive chemicals, etc. Certified according to EN 1504-2 and ΕΝ 13813, classified as a coating for surface protection of concrete and as a SR-B2-AR0,5-IR10 type floor coating material respectively. Also certified for safe flooring applications in food handling and processing areas (ISEGA, Germany). CE marked.


Available Color(s) Grey, dark grey, red, green, yellow (ochre), buff (light ochre), white, black with COLORPASTE-PUC pigments.
Consumption 1.8 kg/m²/mm of layer thickness.
Packaging 34 kg (A+B+C).


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