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One-component, high strength, fiber-reinforced, thixotropic, polyurethane, liquid waterproofing membrane (mechanical, chemical, thermal, UV radiation and weather resistance). It forms a uniform, flexible, waterproof, vapor-permeable layer without seams or joints. It offers excellent adhesion to various substrates, such as concrete, screeds, metal, wood and most waterproofing membranes. Ideal for waterproofing complex and tricky structures and roof details (wall-floor junctions, pipes, gutters, ventilation and air-conditioning units, chimneys, solar PV systems etc.).


Available Color(s)White or Grey
White or Grey White or Grey
Available Size(s)25 kg
5 kg
1 kg

1 kg/m² at 28 mils in 1 layer with 4% of ACCELERATOR-5000

or 0.5 kg/m² per layer, at 14 mils per layer in 2 layers

Coverage Metric25 m²
5 m²
1 m²

Coverage Imperial269 ft²
53.82 ft²
10.76 ft²
Units Per Pallet36 120 320

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