Product Code: 0226-1

One-component, moisture curing, aromatic, polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane. Used for jointless and seamless waterproofing of flat roofs, balconies and traffic decks forming a uniform, elastic, vapor-permeable sealing layer. It is certified with the CE marking as a coating for surface protection of concrete, according to EN 1504-2.


Available Color(s)White or Grey White or Grey White or Grey
Available Size(s)25 kg
6 kg
1 kg

1.5 kg/m² at 42 mils in 1 layer with 4% of ACCELERATOR-5000

0.75 kg/m² per layer, at 21 mils per layer in 2 layers

Coverage Metric16.66 m²
4 m²
0.66 m²

Coverage Imperial179 ft²
43 ft²
7 ft²

Units Per Pallet36 120 320

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