Nukote Coating Systems


Global Facilities


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Unique Products

Providing engineered coating and liner solutions, for complex projects, globally

Nukote Coating Systems combines high-performance products, engineered specifications, cutting edge robotics, and certified application teams to ensure design life performance, regardless of environmental conditions or geographic location

Nukote Coating Systems is a global manufacturer of high-performance coatings, liners, surface treatments, primers, and the robotic application equipment to apply them. 

We are focused on providing complete solutions to specific market segments including transportation, mining, petrochemical, power generation, infrastructure, heavy industry, military, and water systems. 

We manufacture on four continents and maintain complete distribution and application capabilities across the globe, bringing our solutions to our clients when and where they require them.

People always ask me what differentiates Nukote from our competitors. The answer is simple.

We manufacture our products and the robotics that apply them. We engineer our own design specifications and train and certify the contractors that carry out the installations. We write our own quality assurance, inspection and testing programs and we deploy our own mobile app to implement them.

We do all of this, our competitors don’t, that’s the difference.

Michael Osborne