Nukote Protective Coating Solutions and Innovative Coating Systems

Nukote Protective Coating Solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries across multiple applications. Whether you need to protect your assets from water, corrosion, abrasion, impact, chemicals, or extreme temperatures, Nukote has a product that can deliver optimal performance and durability. Nukote uses advanced polymer technologies in manufacturing a complete line of fast setting elastomer liner and ancillary products.  Nukote also offers robotic application equipment that can ensure consistent and efficient coating installation.

IMC and Nukote work in tandem to provide fully engineered solutions focused on asset protection and loss prevention for the agricultural, building, food manufacturing, hydro, infrastructure, marine, military, mining, nuclear, petrochemical, rail, transport, and utility industries.

Nukote is the only manufacturer in the world to offer an AWWA Class III (semi) and Class IV (fully) structural grade polyurea coating for pipe and water main rehabilitation.


Nukote Elastomeric

An elastomeric coating is a coating that’s capable of being stretched at least twice its original length (100% elongation) and recovering to its original dimensions.


Nukote Coating Systems’ cutting-edge line of anti-corrosion products.



Nukote is a cutting-edge provider of robotics systems for coating applications.