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IMC represents a broad range of protective and waterproof coatings that are developed specifically to meet the needs of a wide range of industrial applications.  From basic protective coatings, to fully structural ones, these products have a focus on protecting what they coat from corrosion, decay, erosion, extreme temperatures, and abrasion. 


IMC offers a broad range of coatings that not only waterproof and protect but also provide an aesthetically pleasing finish for commercial applications.

agricultural protective coatings


Food-grade coatings can help to significantly cut costs while strengthening safe sanitation practices.  These coatings are used in several agricultural applications like food containment (silos), transport vehicles, building enclosure protection, flooring, feed troughs, farm equipment, etc.

Food Manufacturing

Like the agricultural industry IMC’s protective food grade coatings offer a number of important properties that make them the ideal choice for safeguarding food products, processing and handling equipment, facility floors and walls, etc., against harmful contaminants.


Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

In these environments the smallest cracks, crevices and scratches in the floor or walls can cause moisture seepage and spread dangerous diseases. Polyurea coatings seal cracks and prevent scratches that might otherwise occur due to frequent scrubbing and sanitization techniques, thus minimizing the risk of bacterial propagation. These coatings can help maintain sterile conditions in surgical areas, intensive care units, neonatal care units, pharmaceutical facilities, etc. Polyureas are not only germ and infection resistant they are also resistant to chemicals and gases.


The infrastructure that we rely on every day – water treatment facilities, pipelines, sewer systems, bridges, roadbeds, telephone poles, etc. – is subject to a number of abrasive and corrosive elements that shorten the lifespan of these critical elements.  Protective and waterproof coatings can significantly extend the lifespan of this essential infrastructure and offer excellent rehabilitation options reducing the disruption caused by replacement of these structures.

watermain rehabilitation solutions

Water Systems

IMC carries a wide range of coating products designed specifically for the containment and transport of all types of water – regardless of use case – potable water, storm water, domestic waste water, industrial waste water, nuclear water systems, petrochemical industry effluents, etc.  The products we represent have been utilized in the largest water projects undertaken globally.


No other industry deals with the same multitude of factors that the shipping and maritime industries do—extreme temperature fluctuations, expansion and contraction of materials, moisture problems etc. As a result, these industries set high standards for paint systems and coatings. Specialized protective coatings can be applied to increase the longevity and reduce the maintenance required of decks, hulls, ballast tanks, filling floats, freezing and cooling rooms, water tanks, holding tanks, fish hold liners, bilge liners etc. 

watermain rehabilitation solutions

Hydroelectric Power Generation

Our polyurea protective coatings form a solid, yet flexible and smooth membrane over virtually any surface to which they’re applied. Their high chemical, temperature, abrasion, and impact resistance, combined with incredible impenetrability, make them the ideal coating application in the hydroelectric power generation industry.


Mining is a global multi-billion-dollar industry driven by our reliance on natural resources, fossil fuels, and metals. This is a very demanding industry fraught with harsh conditions. Mining equipment and infrastructure requires the ultimate protection against a variety of unforgiving elements. The advanced polyurea protective coatings that we offer effectively protect this equipment and infrastructure with quick application and cure times allowing for fast return to service and limited down time.

protective coatings for mining industry
rail car coatings


IMC carries a broad range of protective coatings that are utilized to protect both the transport containment unit, and the environment, from what is being transported.  These coatings prolong the lifespan of truck beds, rail cars, fuel tanks, etc. by resisting corrosion, erosion, and abrasion, while acting as an excellent barrier material to prevent any hazardous materials from entering the surrounding environment.


The petrochemical industry is constantly dealing with corrosion of tanks, pipes, equipment, containment areas, etc. due to chemical exposure, abrasion, temperature fluctuations, and weather-related erosion.  IMC carries a wide range of coating products that are ideal for use in this demanding environment.

oil and gas protective coatings
Aircraft Barrier Coatings


Today the aerospace industry is booming and there is an increased demand for aerospace coating products that protect against corrosion to prevent oxidation and etching of aircraft aluminum skin and fasteners, that are durable and resistant to UV light, that are flexible yet strong, and are chemically resistant to tolerate exposure to substances like hydraulic fuel.  IMC carries a number of coatings that can be utilized in a wide variety of applications in the aerospace industry.


IMC carries a variety of coatings for automotive industry applications.  These polyurethane and polyurea coatings are used to protect floors, equipment, robotic components, tanks, packaging, etc.

Nukote - Power Generation


Nuclear power generation is a vital part of our modern society, providing us with clean energy and helping to reduce our collective environmental impact. The nuclear power generation process is incredibly demanding on equipment, requiring it to withstand high temperatures and intense pressure.  Protective coatings help to extend the lifespan of nuclear power generation equipment and protect it from the harshest conditions.  These coatings also help to protect the environment as they are exceptional barrier materials.


The list of applications for polyurea in the defense and security industry is long and multifaceted.  In addition to preventing corrosion and water damage to steel and concrete surfaces, specialized protective coatings for the defense and security industry are a paramount asset that offer unparalleled blast protection for military personnel and civilians in active combat zones. 

Nukote ML

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