Our polyureas can be sprayed on vehicles and structures to reduce damage from explosion and ballistic impacts. The collection of NUK MI coatings have specialized properties that include tough and extremely high elongation products and those with high tensile strength and low elongation. These military coatings are manufactured and applied according to the quality, reliability, and other standards set by the United States Department of Defense.

High performance Coatings for ballistics and blast mitigation

IMC and Nukote provide a complete system of military coating solutions from primers to mechanically and chemically resistant coatings, along with topcoats for vehicles, aircraft carriers, buildings, and airplanes. Our military coatings are utilized in various government, military, critical infrastructure, police, and personal protection applications.

This range of military coatings demonstrates reliable performance and can perform or operate flawlessly in hostile environments and conditions.

NUK MI coatings can withstand the effects of the chemical and biological weapons used against them.


Our blast and ballistics resistant coatings have been tested extensively, on four continents, in military threat conditions. In the modern world these solutions are not just utilized to protect military assets, they are now commonly specified for use in civilian and industrial projects globally.

Our systems were originally designed for use in protection of military vehicles, facilities, and vessels. Over the past two decades these products are now commonly specified in industrial and even civilian applications.  Threat conditions originally designed to protect against missiles and car bombs, now must include protection against commercially available drone delivered explosives and ballistics.  Nukote engineers these new variables into protective solutions for industrial and civilian targets. Its not just about the military anymore.

Typical solutions for this segment include —


Personnel Carriers & Vehicles

Armoring of Personnel Carriers and Light Attack Vehicles.


Military Vessels

Armoring of Coast Guard and Light Attack Vessels.


Military Structures

Blast Mitigation at Checkpoints, Bases, and Ammunition Storage Bunkers.


Naval & Air Bases

Blast Mitigation at Naval Facilities and Air Bases



Airports. Train Stations, Ferries and Port Facilities.



Reservoirs, Power Plants, Bridges. Financial Centres.



Stadiums, Theaters, Theme Parks, Restaurants.

Nukote ML


Refineries, Chemical Plants, Pipelines.

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