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Innovation in product technology 
and application equipment

NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL offers an expansive selection of cutting-edge products, seamlessly delivering effective, lasting solutions. We use superior formulas that have been expertly refined to meet the unique requirements of our clients and the local environment.

Our core products are focused on the primary platforms of; elastomeric thick film polyurea, polyurethane, and hybrid combinations of these two chemistry platforms. This focus has led to the broadest range of high-pressure plural component elastomeric coatings available globally. This core product range combines various ceramic metal-polymer coatings, nano quartz coatings, nano quartz adhesion promoters, and colloidal silica and molecular surface treatments. The product range includes Pure Polyureas, Polyurethanes, Modified Polyureas and Polyurethanes, Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyureas, Primers, Ceramic Metal Polymers, and Colloidal Silane Concrete Conditioners, and Nano quartz coatings, steel Surface Conditioners, and Adhesion Promoters.

As the most advanced coating solution provided in the industry, we are your number one resource for unparalleled innovation in product and application equipment technology.



Our proven solutions in this segment include upstream and downstream processes for crude oil, shale oil, natural gas and their derivatives.

Water System

Ensures optimum lifespan of: equipment, treatment, storage and transmission facilities.

water system


Industrial clients look to Nukote to provide long lasting, durable solutions in complex onerous conditions.


We routinely provide durable and efficient solutions specific to mines around the globe.

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Infrastructure clients look to us to provide solutions that are; economical, comprehensive and fast track with extensive design life.

Power Generation

Clients look to us for total solutions in these complex conditions that provide comprehensive protection for valuable assets.

Power Generation


Comprehensive transportation industry solutions provider for trucks, rail, ship, barge, conveyor, storage, and containers.


Nukote provides a complete system of military coating solutions, from primers to mechanical and chemical resistance coatings, to topcoats for vehicles, aircraft carriers, buildings, and airplanes.



Commercial clients look to us to provide functional, cost effective solutions with unique design and construction conditions.

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