polyurea being used in water treatment facilities
November 26, 2021

What Challenges Do Water Treatment Facilities Face?

Towns, cities, and municipalities rely heavily on local water treatment facilities to supply clean water for various purposes. Even the slightest disruptions or problems with water treatment facilities can cause major delays in the water treatment process and inconvenience hundreds, if not thousands, of residents and businesses who depend on a steady water supply every […]

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Cold-Applied Liquid Coatings for Roofing
November 25, 2021

Top Benefits of Using Cold-Applied Liquid Coatings for Roofing

Spray-applied roofing is fast becoming the most acceptable way of providing a waterproof roof covering that lasts. Flat roofs and green roofs fail because they are waterproofed with roofing membranes that have seams and are not bonded, or asphalt-based products that are heavy and become brittle and do not accommodate fractional movement. Other common problems […]

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Polyurea Coatings in Food Manufacturing Plants
October 29, 2021

Applications of Polyurea Coatings in Food Manufacturing Plants

Food manufacturing plants are required to have very strict maintenance and sanitary regulations in place at all times. In light of heightened health and safety concerns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years, existing measures have been taken to the next level to protect employees and the public ensuring that all […]

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Polyurea Coatings to Protect Your OEM Parts
October 12, 2021

Top Reasons to Use Polyurea Coatings to Protect Your OEM Parts

When it comes to automobiles, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Far too often, consumers are taken in by the aesthetic of a car and whether or not they can envision themselves driving it. While that’s certainly important, what really matters is how the vehicle operates and whether or not its internal components are […]

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Using Polyurea Waterproofing in the Marine Industry
October 4, 2021

Polyurea Coatings in the Marine Industry

Polyurea coatings are coming into wider use across many industries and the marine industry is no exception. Polyurea and the shipping industry go extremely well together. Above and below the water line, these coatings can be very effective in protecting steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Polyurea is excellent at providing protection from the elements and anything […]

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High Quality Polyurea Coatings for Domestic Wastewater Treatment
September 30, 2021

What Are the Benefits of Using Polyurea Coatings in the Domestic Wastewater Industry?

What Are Domestic Wastewater Treatments? Domestic wastewater is any water that has been used  throughout your home for various applications including laundry, bathing, showering, handwashing, dishwashing, house cleaning, etc. This water runs through your pipes when a faucet or other water source is turned on in your home. Once the water source is turned off […]

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Polyurea Protective Coatings for Water Tank Linings
August 26, 2021

Things You Should Know about Polyurea Protective Coatings for Water Tank Linings

As far as waterproofing products and solutions for water tanks go, polyurea is one of the most reliable and durable protective coatings currently on the market. Not only is polyurea incredibly durable and waterproof, it’s also chemically resistant and abrasion-resistant. These are important qualities that ensure the longevity and heightened performance of water tank linings […]

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Polyurea Coatings in the Seafood Industry
August 10, 2021

What Are the Benefits and Applications of Using Polyurea Coatings in the Seafood Industry?

Establishing and maintaining a completely sanitary environment in seafood processing plants is of the utmost importance to prevent contamination that results in foodborne bacteria and illnesses. Food processing companies must take special precautions, including implementing rigid disinfection and sanitation practices to ensure that their products are safe for consumption and minimize or eliminate the risk […]

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Prevent Moisture Problems with Concrete
July 21, 2021

How to Prevent Moisture Problems with Concrete

Over time, the presence of moisture in concrete floor slabs, parking decks, underground tanks, retaining walls, bridge decks, dams, etc. can degrade or weaken the integrity of the structure, necessitating costly repairs or future material replacements. Applying adequate moisture mitigation products can help prevent expensive moisture problems and ensure the longevity of concrete structures. IMC […]

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Benefits of Polyurea Coatings in the Mining Industry
July 7, 2021

Why Is It Necessary to Use Polyurea Coatings in the Mining Industry?

Mining is a global multi-billion-dollar industry driven by our reliance on natural resources, fossil fuels, and metals. This is a very demanding industry fraught with harsh conditions at every turn. Mining equipment and infrastructure requires the ultimate protection against a variety of unforgiving elements.  In mining, equipment is often exposed to strong chemicals and environmental […]

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