Solutions for the Mining industry have been a primary focus of Nukote Coating Systems for decades. IMC and Nukote routinely provide durable and efficient solutions specific to mines around the globe. Our proven solutions for this mining include process equipment, storage and containment, conveyance, bulk cartage, and dust suppression.

A Dependable Mining Industry Partner

Mining clients look to us for long-lasting, durable solutions in remote locations under onerous demanding conditions. These clients often require fast, professional installations during short maintenance periods.  Our track record confirms our ability to deliver under these rigorous conditions.

Typical solutions for this segment include —


Versatile coatings to protect all metal substrates.

Storage and Containment

Durable liner solutions for all substrates.


Fast erosion, impact, and abrasion resistant solutions.

Bulk Cartage

Cutting edge coatings for truck, trailer, rail and barge applications.

Process Equipment

Liners and coatings specific to mining processes.

Dust Suppression

Cost effective dust control solutions.

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