Premera QSE

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Premera QSE

Premera AT1 QSE is a fast-drying, solvent based, water repellent sealer designed to enhance the surface and to protect stone, concrete & masonry surfaces from nature’s destructive forces, providing a long-lasting barrier which exhibits superior resistance to water, mold, airborne dust and dirt, alkali, freeze/thaw damage and spills.

Premera AT1 QSE Features:

 – Stain and water repellant

 – Very fast drying

 – Provides Covalent bonding at a molecular level and becomes one with the surface it is applied to and creates a superior barrier

 – Can be used on most Natural and Artificial Stone, Concrete, and Masonry Products.

 – Breathable

 – Penetrates the surface of the substrate

 –  Enhances the color of what is applied on, making the colors appear deeper

 – Repels moisture, stains and mold from within the substrate. Long-lasting, easy to clean
– Reduced maintenance costs

 – Extended life of the substrate

Premera AT1 QSE

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