Solutions for the agricultural industry range across a wide range of use cases.  From corrosion and abrasion resistance, to waterproofing, IMC and Nukote have you covered. With products that are ANSI/NSF 61 certified and that conform to global migration Standard US – FDA: 21 CFR 175 – 300 these protective coatings are approved by many countries for applications on substrates in contact with potable water and food

Solutions designed for the Agricultural Industry

Cleanliness and proper sanitation are two of the biggest challenges facing the agriculture industry along with wear and tear of areas like walls, floors and equipment. Whether small-scale or large industrial operations agricultural facility maintenance and operational costs can be extremely high. 

There is a solution. Using food-grade coatings, such as polyurea, in the agriculture industry can help to significantly cut down these costs while strengthening safe sanitation practices.

Our protective coatings ensure optimum lifespan of equipment, floors, walls, roofs, feed troughs, silos, fertilizer tanks, slaughter and processing rooms, ramps and loading areas, transportation, potable water tanks, etc. 

Our clients look to us for comprehensive solutions for specific conditions such as highly corrosive areas (i.e., fertilizer or sileage storage), impact resistance (i.e., floors and walls), sterile environments (i.e. slaughter and processing rooms) etc. We tailor each solution to the individual use case. 

agricultural protective coatings

Typical solutions for this segment include —

pipe linings solutions


Silos, fertilizer tanks, potable water tanks, feed troughs, marine tanks.


Building Enclosure and Equipment

Floors, walls, roofs, tractors, transportation vehicles.


Sterile Areas

Slaughter and processing rooms, packaging areas, freezers, pharmaceutical facilities. 


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