Food Manufacturing


Food Manufacturing

Solutions for the food manufacturing industry range across a wide range of use cases.  From corrosion and abrasion resistance, to waterproofing, IMC and Nukote have you covered. With products that are ANSI/NSF 61 certified and that conform to global migration Standard US – FDA: 21 CFR 175 – 300 these protective coatings are approved by many countries for applications on substrates in contact with potable water and food

Solutions designed for Food Manufacturing

Cleanliness and proper sanitation are two of the biggest challenges facing the agriculture and food processing industries. Companies need to make sure that both agriculture and food are processed in completely sterile environments to reduce and eliminate the risk of spreading food-borne diseases. On top of that, facility maintenance and operational costs can be extremely high. 

Using food-grade coatings, such as polyurea, in the food manufacturing industry can help to significantly cut down these costs while strengthening safe sanitation practices.

Polyureas are some of the most durable, flexible, and resilient protective coatings on the market. They waterproof, are abrasion-resistant, and are chemical-resistant. Polyurea coatings will not chip or crack from high power pressure washing, or exposure to strong sanitization chemicals, unlike other coatings that may chip or crack allowing microbes to get into these areas and multiply.

Products like meat require frozen temperatures, beverages require cold temperatures, while other products like some tropical fruit should be stored at moderate to warm temperatures. Polyurea can withstand a wide range of temperatures and is not susceptible to thermal shock enabling it to be used in a variety of applications.


Typical solutions for this segment include —

Polyurea coating

Building Enclosure

Floors, walls, ceilings.



Water tanks, aquaculture tanks, trailers, freezers, etc.

Nukote coating for Agricultural Industry


Conveyor belts, processing equipment, etc.

Nukote coating for Agricultural Industry

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