Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Nukote coating for Healthcare industry

Healthcare and pharmaceutical

Polyurea coatings seal cracks and prevent scratches/chipping that might otherwise occur due to frequent scrubbing and wear and tear, thus minimize the risk of pathogen propagation. These coatings can help maintain sterile conditions in hospitals, cold storage, pharmaceutical, and food processing environments.

Solutions designed for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries

In a hospital, pharmaceutical, or food manufacturing environment you want to prevent cracks, crevices, and scratches on floors and walls that can cause moisture seepage and spread dangerous diseases. Chipped coatings or spalled and/or cracked concrete provide areas for pathogen growth.  Aggressive cleaning protocols only speed up damage to coatings and other surfaces leading to frequent maintenance, re-coating ,or full replacement.  This approach can be costly, labour intensive, and in some cases plant shutdowns are required.

Nukote’s aromatic polyurea base coats in combination with their aliphatic polyurea topcoat Nukote AL offer a solution to protect floors and walls providing a high degree of flexibility, ease of cleaning, and a fast return to service of the area. This combination stands up to frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals including cleaning products, sanitizers, and disinfectants.

Nukote coating for Healthcare industry
Nukote coating for Healthcare industry

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