Polyurethane Roof Installation

Location: Holiday Inn, Newfoundland

Authorized Installer: R.R.I.C.H.

This was a roof restoration of an existing TPO roof.  One of the advantages of the polyurethane roofing system is that it can be installed overtop of the existing roof eliminating the costs and dangers of removing the previous membrane.

Polyurethane Roof Installation

Location:  Milton, ON

Authorized Installer: Roofing Services

Re-roof of existing BUR roof utilizing the ISOMAT polyurethane roofing system. Roof was prepped by removing gravel and powerwashing. It was then primed and a self levelling waterproof layer of Isoflex 560 BTF was applied to ensure a flat application surface with no stray gravel bumps. A layer of Isoflex PU 500 was applied over this, with embedded fleece, followed by a layer of white Topcoat PU 720.

Chemical Tank Protective Coatings

Location:  Chemical Tank Farm in Toronto, ON

Authorized Installer: White Falcon

Installation of a chemically resistant protective polyurea coating PUA 2230 to concrete tanks. Areas were prepped and primed and then the waterproof and protective polyurea coating was applied.

Polyurea Roof Installation​

Location:  Niagara Region

Authorized Installer: White Falcon

Installation was done over existing torch down roof. Roof was prepped and primed and then a protective and waterproof polyurea coating was installed ISOMAT PUA 1360. A final grey topcoat was applied TOPCOAT PU 720.

Installation of Polyurea Roof System

Location: Mississauga, ON

Authorized Installer: Royal Roofing

Restoration of existing torch down roof. After proper prep and primer application the PUA 1360 membrane was applied to waterproof and protect. A grey polyurethane topcoat PU 720 was applied.

The video shows the application of the polyurethane topcoat over the polyurea membrane on the left of the roof while the polyurea is still being applied to the right. This demonstrates the incredibly quick cure time of polyurea. You are able to walk on it and spray the topcoat very quickly after the polyurea application. One installer is rolling the topcoat down around the perimeter while two others are spraying the polyurethane topcoat on the remainder.

Polyurea Application on Culvert

Location: Peterborough, ON

Authorized Installer: White Falcon Waterproofing

A protective and waterproof polyurea coating was applied, PUA 2230, to a culvert to protect the metal (anchor bolts) from corrosion. The material was primed with a temperature appropriate primer (snow was on the ground) to allow for the proper adhesion of the polyurea coating. Once spraying was complete the area was immediately ready to be backfilled.


Installation of Isoflex 560 BTF to Waterproof Outdoor Terraces Over Living Space

Location: Etobicoke, ON

Authorized Installer: Andrews Roofing

Homeowner was looking for a solution to waterproof their outdoor terraces that were overtop of living space on the lower level. The area was primed and the joints were reinforced with fleece. The Isoflex 560 BTF was applied and it self levelled. 24 – 48 hours after the 560 BTF was applied, and had cured, the area was covered with large decorative slate stones.

Not Your Typical Polyurethane Roof Installation

Location: Etobicoke, ON

Authorized Installer: KSL

This was a unique installation as the client was looking for a solution to waterproof the dome roof of their fertilizer storage facility. The area was prepped and primed and then a membrane of Isoflex PU 500 was installed with fleece embedded. Then a grey polyurethane topcoat, PU 720, was applied.

Floor Installation at Cannabis Plant

Location: Brant County

Authorized Installer: White Falcon Waterproofing

For this install the client was looking for a highly durable, chemically resistant, antimicrobial floor solution. The concrete floor area was prepped with shotblasting and grinding and primer was applied. A highly durable and antimicrobial membrane coat of polyurea, PUA 2230, was applied. The client was looking for a mirror like finish that was also very durable so a finishing coat of polyaspartic was applied. This flooring system is highly resistant to any sort of mechanical abrasion, chemicals, and easily withstands santization techniques. It is an excellent choice for food manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities.

Balcony Restoration

Location: Stoney Creek

Authorized Installer: White Falcon Waterproofing

For this project the balconies needed to have a waterproof protective coating applied. The client selected the ISOMAT polyurethane balcony deck system. The concrete balconies were prepped via grinding and the appropriate primer was applied. Once the primer had dried an intermediate coat of Isoflex PU 500 was installed. Lastly the polyurethane topcoat Durofloor PU was installed with an aggregate broadcast for slip resistance. This is a highly durable and waterproof system that easily withstands the changes in Canadian climate. The system is certified for over 30 years in severe weather conditions.

Mechanical Flooring Restoration Utilizing Polyurethane​

Location: Toronto, ON

Authorized Installer: White Falcon Waterproofing

For this installation the client had a series of chiller and boiler rooms that required new waterproof protective floor coatings. The concrete floors were prepped by grinding to remove the old epoxy coating and to achieve the appropriate surface profile. The floors where then primed and once dry an intermediate membrane coat of Isoflex PU 500 was applied. For the topcoat application Durofloor PU was utilized with an aggregate broadcast to create a slip resistant surface.

Parking Deck Roof Waterproofing Restoration

Location: Scarborough, ON

Authorized Installer: White Falcon Waterproofing

For this installation the client had a circular driveway that was situated overtop of their condominiums’ parking garages. They were looking for a waterproofing solution that would be applied under the roadbed. The area was prepared by removing the existing roadbed, the gravel, and then the existing Blueskin waterproofing layer to expose the concrete roof of the underground parking structure. The area was shotblasted for proper substrate profile and primer was applied. The polyurea waterproofing membrane coat was applied, PUA 2230, to waterproof the underground structure. The area was then backfilled with the removed stone and the new roadbed was installed.

Pool Waterproofing

Location: Northern Ontario

Installer: Installed by cottage owner

For this installation the client was looking for a waterproof protective coating for their concrete pool. The ISOMAT Aquamat Superelastic was utilized. Once the substrate was primed the Aquamat Superelastic was applied and allowed to set.

Epoxy Floor Installation

Location: Dog Groomers

Authorized Installer: Baker Bros

The floor was prepped and a black self priming epoxy, LABPOX 30, was applied. A partial flake was installed and later a polyaspartic topcoat (LABFAST LO).

Epoxy Floor Installation with Moisture Mitigating Primer

Location: New Office Building

Authorized Installer: Meticulous

The concrete floor was prepped and as this was a slab on grade installation a moisture mitigating primer, Duroprimer-SG, was utilized. Once the primer had dried a grey epoxy coating was applied (LABPOX 30).

Residential Polyurethane Roof Installation

Location: Hamilton, ON

Authorized Installer: Roof Service

For this installation the client was looking for a waterproof and protective coating to go over their existing torch down roof. The roof was powerwashed to remove any dirt and debris and blown dry. It was then primed with the appropriate primer and once dry the Isoflex PU 500 Membrane was applied with fleece embedded into the membrane. Once dry the white topcoat PU 720 was applied. This white topcoat has an SRI of 112 so it is highly reflective to solar rays helping to reduce cooling costs in the summer months.

Large Truck Wash Bay Restoration

Location: Stoney Creek, ON

Authorized Installer: KSL

The client had a large truck bay that was heavily eroded due to the chemicals utilized during the cleaning process. The floor had to be shot blast and repaired utilizing ISOMAT repairing mortars. The area was primed and a specialized, highly chemically resistant, ISOMAT polyurethane was applied to protect the floor from further degradation. This restoration was two fold – to repair the existing damaged floor surface while coating to improve aesthetics and provide protection.

Polyurea Installation in Waste & Recycling Rooms

Location: Toronto, ON

Authorized Installer: HCTS

For this installation the client was looking for a highly durable and chemically resistant floor coating. The area was prepped via grinding to remove the existing coating and to ensure the appropriate surface profile. Primer was then applied to the floor followed by the protective and waterproof polyurea coating PUA 2230. The polyaspartic LABSHIELD ECO was installed as the topcoat.

Parking Deck Waterproof and Protective Coating Installation

Location: Burlington, ON

Authorized Installer: White Falcon Waterproofing

For this project the client had a heavily damaged parking garage that needed to be repaired and waterproofed. Water had seeped through the concrete and was damaging the rebar. They were looking for a waterproof, highly durable, chemically resistant coating that had the capability to expand and contract with movement in the concrete. The ISOMAT polyurethane parking deck system was selected by the client. The area was shotblasted and the concrete was patched and repaired. Then a solvent free two component primer was used to ensure proper membrane adhesion. ISOFLEX PU 500 was applied as the intermediate membrane with DUROFLOOR PU installed as the topcoat. A heavy duty aggregate was broadcast into the first layer of DUROFLOOR PU to provide slip resistance and increased durability and strength.

Residential Deck Waterproofing

Location: Stoney Creek, ON

Authorized Installer: White Falcon Waterproofing

The client had an outdoor deck that had been experiencing water leaks into the interior dining room located underneath. They wanted a waterproof protective coating to be installed with a bit of decorative flair to coordinate with the home’s exterior colours. A polyurethane waterproofing membrane with a decorative flake broadcast and a polyaspartic topcoat was selected. The existing deck surface and waterproofing was removed and new plywood installed over the deck surface. The plywood was primed and polyurethane caulking ISOMAT PU-50-S was utilized to seal the joints. Once primer was dry the waterproofing membrane ISOFLEX PU 500 was applied. Flake was broadcast into the second coat of membrane and, once dry, excess flake was removed. The final step was application of a clear polyaspartic topcoat LABSHIELD ECO.