Nukote Military Ceramic FC Spray Grade

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Nukote Military Ceramic FC Spray GRADE

Nukote MI Ceramic FC is composed of a proprietary polymeric binder, providing excellent performance in highly corrosive, chemical and abrasive environments, at ambient or elevated temperatures.

It is suitable in applications for both ballistic and explosive threats.  It is used in a blast-resistant coating system for existing structures and effectively contain debris in the case of an explosion greatly reducing injuries and death from flying debris. 

Designed for industrial use at elevated temperatures it will maintain its physical properties under continued exposure at high constant temperature both in exposed as well as immersion conditions.

Our elastomeric and polyurea coatings significantly outperform coatings traditionally used in the industry. Our comprehensive solutions combine cutting-edge products and robotic technologies with a global presence and exceptional capability from design and specification to product supply to deliver solutions that exceed our client’s unique needs. See below for Technical and Safety Data Sheets and don’t hesitate to call for more information or a product estimate.

Data Sheets —


Download the technical datasheet for Nukote MI Ceramic FC Spray Grade


Download the safety datasheet for Nukote Ceramic FC Spray Grade