What is ISOMAT Microcement

Microcement is a highly durable, waterproof, cementitious overlay system that is used primarily as a decorative coating for walls, floors and ceilings.  With microcement ISOMAT uses experience and expertise to craft a truly exceptional decorative product.   

 Microcement is very popular with architects and designers that require a durable modern finish, often replicating the look of polished concrete. Microcement offers the opportunity to create welcoming spaces with a variety of looks and finishes – monolithic, multi geometric, with soft textures or a marble effect finish.

 Interiors, exteriors and facades are brilliantly rendered achieving breathtaking decorative finishes. It can be applied to areas of any size on floors, walls, stairs, shelves, kitchen tops, sinks, bathtubs, showers, fireplaces and furniture. Outdoor applications such as barbeques, water fountains, porches, outdoor seating, pool decks and pools are also possible with a unique look that will truly inspire you.

Our professional team of certified installers are highly proficient and create finishes that are truly inspiring.