ISOMAT Microcement Overview

ISOMAT has developed a complete range of decorative coatings, aiming to provide product solutions for even the most demanding applications. ISOMAT’s microcement product range offers a timeless, highly aesthetic, customized result, excellent waterproofing, as well as high resistance and anti-scratch properties on floors and walls.

Depending on the applied finish effect microcement coatings guarantee that every job has its own unique signature that highlights the quality of your flooring and wall finishes. Microcement is a malleable material, easily shaped and formed into unique combinations of textures, patterns, and colours.  This ensures that your project will have a one-of-a-kind elegance. The end result can be completely adapted to your aesthetic preferences through colour selection in combination with finished effect. This ensures a unique and highly personalized aesthetic result.

Guided by your imagination and personal taste you may create a special style combining microcement with tiles in various patterns, with stone features, or with decorative details like pebbles, glass or wood.

The most significant factor for an excellent outcome, visually and functionally, is to hire a specialized, reliable crew. Microcement application requires special skills and experience, which not all applicators have.  ISOMAT can recommend its trained and certified installers to ensure a safe, high-quality result.