Benefits of Polyurea Protective Coatings for the Defense and Security Industry

Polyurea is one of the most versatile protective coatings on the planet. It’s used for a variety of industrial applications including mining equipment, wastewater treatment facilities, and commercial construction projects to provide exceptional protection against external elements and forces. In addition to preventing corrosion and water damages for steel and concrete surfaces, special advanced polyurea protective coatings for the defense and security industry are a paramount asset that offers unparalleled blast protection for military personnel and civilians in active combat zones. 

Polyurea Protective Coatings For Defense & Security Industry

Applications of Polyurea Protective Coatings in the Defense and Security Industry

The list of applications for polyurea in the defense and security industry is long and multifaceted. There are two types of polyurea protective coatings—aromatic and aliphatic—that are suitable for very specific defense and security applications and conditions.

Polyurea Spray for Infrastructure

Polyurea protective coatings provide unparalleled structural stability combined with superior impact resistance and incredible flexibility to minimize infrastructural damages and injuries caused by air strikes, blasts, and ballistic arms fire in active war zones.

Steel, aluminium, fiberglass, concrete, and wood are among the most common military equipment materials that are coated with polyurea to offer maximum protection and prevent malfunctions in harsh external conditions where lives are at stake.

Spray-on polyurea is easy to apply and dries within seconds to form a solid, yet flexible and durable protective layer that’s capable of withstanding multiple blasts and firearm assaults.

Blast Mitigation on Armored Vehicles

Advanced polyurea can be applied to armored vehicles as an added protection against military rounds, ballistic arms fire, mine blasts, and IEDs. Studies have shown that polyurea has unmatched blast mitigation technology, meaning it can deflect or absorb the impact of ballistic attacks and fragmentation.

By association and proximity, it also extends to military personnel and civilians. Anyone in the vicinity of an ambush or caught in the midst of a battle can be safeguarded by taking cover or shielding themselves behind an armored vehicle or piece of equipment that’s coated with polyurea.

Fuel Tank Sealer and Protection for Defense Vehicles

Defense vehicles carrying large amounts of fuel, equipment, provisions, weaponry, and military personnel are also sprayed with several layers of pure or, in some cases, hybrid polyurea protective coatings. Hybrid coatings include a mixture of polyurea and polyurethane to enhance certain physical properties of the coating.

Aliphatic polyurea is typically used for the exterior of defense and military vehicles that have continuous exposure to UV rays.

Aromatic polyurea will discolour under prolonged UV exposure and is therefore recommended for interior applications such as an interior fuel tank sealer to protect the tank from deterioration caused by the fuel it contains, effectively prolonging the life span of the tank. It also insulates the interior of the fuel tank to maximize temperature control and prevent harmful chemical reactions that could put the whole operation at risk.

An external fuel tank lining with aliphatic polyurea will act as a protective barrier against damage caused by various types of attacks to prevent possible gas explosions and also can act as a barrier material preventing leakage into the surrounding environment.

Safeguarding Military Equipment

Polyurea protective coatings feature durable and flexible properties that offer extensive protection against natural degradation caused by exposure to external elements and prolong the lifecycle of military equipment. Properties of high-quality pure polyurea protective coatings include:

  • Airtight waterproof sealing
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • UV ray resistance (aliphatic versions)
  • Shock and vibration absorption
  • Superior tensile strength 
  • Excellent adhesion to multiple types of surfaces
  • Fast and easy spray-on application
  • Dries within seconds

All of these properties work together to make polyurea the ideal protective coating solution for military equipment and vehicles that are used in high-tension situations. 

Repair and Maintenance

Military equipment and vehicles are constantly placed in precarious situations that can cause serious damages and harm including cracking, fuel and chemical leaks, and malfunctions at the worst possible times. Routine repairs and maintenance checks in combination with polyurea protective coatings ensure that all military equipment and vehicles are in tip-top working condition.

Polyurea protective coatings can be used for a quick patch job to form a perfect airtight seal and prevent water damage as well as combustion caused by harmful chemical interactions. It forms a smooth, durable, and flexible membrane that melds perfectly with any surface on which it’s used.

What Are the Benefits of Using Polyurea Protective Coatings in the Defense and Security Industry? 

Military operations are forced to endure a wide range of harmful weather and combat conditions. When it comes to protecting the lives of military personnel and civilians, detailed risk assessment and management is paramount. Ample preparation is also a key component. Developing cutting-edge polyurea protective coatings in Canada and supplying them to various military outfits across the globe has the following benefits.

Indestructible Abrasion and Corrosion Resistance

Given the violent harsh conditions that military equipment and vehicles are constantly exposed to, not to mention the harsh environmental elements, abrasion and corrosion are par for the course in these circumstances. Minor dings here and there are perfectly acceptable, but advanced or severe damages such as cracks and corrosion or rust development can lead to unexpected, inopportune, and costly equipment damages or breakdown.

Polyurea is the only protective coating that can prevent these types of damages and guarantee a long functional lifespan for military equipment and vehicles.

High Temperature Resistance

Advanced polyurea protective coatings have incredible thermal stability and can withstand a wide range of temperatures, weather conditions, and even the harshest environments.

Provides Superior Blast Mitigation

Even in the face of extreme combat conditions such as bomb blasts, explosions, and rapid fire, polyurea protective coatings can still hold their own with incredible impact resistance that aptly shields substrates from incoming assaults.

Reliable Polyurea Ballistics Protection

Ballistic attacks and shrapnel fragmentation due to nearby explosions are no match for polyurea protective coatings. Modern personal protective gear such as body armour worn by military personnel have been fashioned with durable polyurea coatings to reduce the impact of injuries. Bulletproof vests, ballistic vests, armour plates, and stab-proof vests can all be equipped with high-durability combat-ready advanced polyurea protection.

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