The construction industry requires high-quality materials that feature resistance to weather, aging and are easy to apply.

Polyurethane products meet each of these requirements.  To meet the needs of the growing construction industry, ISOMAT has created a vertically integrated and automated production plant for polyurethane-based products, as well as an additional R&D chemistry lab exclusively dedicated to polyurethanes. 

Isomat has developed a complete line of polyurethane materials, such as cold-applied liquid waterproofing membranes, floor coatings, joint sealants, impregnations, varnishes and primers.

ISOMAT’s PU systems are the perfect solution for special applications which have high requirements in UV resistance, weather protection and aging resistance. These include waterproofing and protection of flat roofs, terraces and balconies, coating of parking decks, as well as waterproofing of commercial kitchens, public showers, fountains etc.

PU systems are also ideal for use in parking decks, industrial and storage areas, refrigerated and freezer rooms.

Isomat PU Traffic Deck Systems

Fluid applied, polyurethane waterproofing membrane and traffic bearing systems, for vehicular and pedestrian walkways.

ISOMAT-PU TRAFFIC SYSTEMS are modified polyurethane traffic deck coating systems composed of a primer, fiber reinforced detail coat, base coat membrane, and a heavy duty top coat. With superior bond adhesion, extreme impact and abrasion resistance, chemical and optional UV resistance, the elastomeric properties of the complete system allow the flex with concrete slab, as well as the ability to bridge shrinkage cracks that occur.

Fields of Application

On interior and exterior construction works such as highways, bridge decks, plaza decks, stadiums, tunnels, balconies, mechanical rooms, parking garages, walkways, suspended slabs and can adhere to concrete, wood and metal.

The Isomat  Polyurethane Traffic Deck Protection System



Dependent on substrate and moisture level:

  • Isomat Primer-PU 100
  • Isomat Primer-PU 140
  • Isomat EpoxyPrimer 500




  • Isomat Isoflex – PU 500



UV Resistant or Non-UV Resistant Topcoat Options for external or UV exposed areas only:

  • Isomat Durafloor-PU
  • Isomat Durafloor-PU 211
  • Isomat Topcoat-PAS 760
  • Isomat Topcoat-PAS 780
  • Isomat Topcoat-PU 720
  • Isomat Topcoat-PU 740