Traffic & Parking Deck Coatings

A traffic-bearing membrane is the best solution to protect a parking deck from the surrounding environment.  This is a big-ticket item and thorough con­sideration is necessary to determine the correct solution, keeping the main purpose – to protect the owner’s investment – top of mind. 

To withstand the punishing abrasion which a parking deck must endure the membrane must be hard and durable, and yet it must also be soft and flexible to bridge over moving cracks and joints without failure. Since very hard membranes are generally inflexible, and more pli­able membranes do not hold up well to abrasion, selecting the right mem­brane is a tricky proposition.

Isomat’s polyurea and polyurethane traffic deck systems provide superior protection and waterproofing while having the flexibility that is required to ensure longevity of the protective coating.