The Isomat Advantage For Roofing Systems In Ontario

Celebrating 40 years as an international leader in the design and manufacture of elastomeric waterproof coatings.

As an organization Isomat strives to provide the most efficient methods and cutting-edge product solutions to the North American market. Isomat Polyurea and Polyurethane roofs not only reduce costs from an energy efficiency standpoint, they will also increase installation efficiency, reduce maintenance costs on an ongoing basis, will not require replacement for a minimum of 30 years, and are cutting edge environmentally friendly technology.

These systems are cost competitive with other systems from a materials perspective, and labour and time is greatly reduced when installing our systems.

Spray applied roofing is fast becoming the most acceptable way of providing a waterproof roof covering that lasts.

Flat roofs and green roofs fail because they are waterproofed with roofing membranes that have seams and are not bonded, or asphalt which is heavy and becomes brittle and does not accommodate fractional movement. Other common problems are detailing around drains, services, vents and movement joints.

The key to flat roof waterproofing is that the system is seamless and fully bonded. Sprayed ISOMAT Polyurea and Polyurethane coatings overcome all of these problems. Both Polyurea and Polyurethane roofs are extremely flexible, fully bonded and seamless. The Polyurea system is virtually indestructible and durable as a finish. These systems have crack bridging properties like no other systems and can be easily detailed for movement joints.

They have exceptional physical properties such as impact resistance, flexibility, tear strength, tensile strength, chemical, and water resistance. The result is excellent long-term weathering and abrasion resistance.

There are further features including anti-slip properties and impressive thermal credentials – lowering energy costs and boosting safety in tandem. There are also decorative options available. This gives Polyurea and Polyurethane roofs a distinct advantage over inferior bitumen compounds.

These roofs are UV resistant/stable providing exceptional energy efficiency. Commonly referred to as “Cool roofs” our roofs have the ability to reflect sunlight and repel heat via our UV resistant/stable topcoats. When our white Topcoat PU 720 is used it minimizes thermal impact on the microclimate and on the local environment. It is a highly reflective liquid-applied membrane that provides a full range of benefits over a long service life. The SRI value for our Topcoat PU 720 is 112.

Some Typical Cool Roof Colours and Initial SRI Values

Image: Darker colours do not meet the requirement SRI > 82 (initial value) to qualify for LEED credits.